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Septic Pumping in Phoenix, AZ

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Septic System Pumping in Gilbert, AZ


When it comes to septic tanks, proper operation and maintenance is critical to a trouble-free experience. Therefore, one of the things you can do to properly maintain your septic tank is to have it cleaned out/pumped out periodically.

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How Often Should A Septic Tank Be Pumped Out?

We recommend that your septic tank be cleaned every three years to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Belsito Plumbing’s septic tank pumping offers a reliable and trustworthy experience. Our professional staff prides themselves in offering you quality customer service and being knowledgeable in on-site waste water treatment systems. Our honesty and integrity toward every septic tank pumping job has earned us a reputation as one of the Valley’s leading septic pumping companies.

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Other Things You Can Do To Avoid Septic Tank Problems


In order to properly maintain your septic tank, you must also ensure that there is always a healthy colony of bacteria living, eating and digesting waste within the septic tank. After the septic tank is pumped, a small amount of sludge will remain in the bottom of the septic tank. This promotes bacteria growth, which is necessary to breakdown solids.

Septic system repair or replacement can be very expensive. A common cause of early septic tank failure is improper maintenance by the homeowner which is surprising since the cost of preventive maintenance for a septic tank is quite minimal when compared to the cost to purchase and install a new septic system.

Don’t let a septic tank failure sneak up on you! Pump your septic tank before you have any issues. If your septic system is backing up, you probably have more issues than a full tank!!