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Water Heater Repair

Affordable Same-Day Repair Services

Water Heater technology has advanced a great deal in the last couple decades. It may be difficult to sort through your options, but Belsito Plumbing is here to help!


Thinking of upgrading to a more energy-efficient tankless water heater? Perhaps you’re thinking more long-term and want to try Stainless Steel technology? Converting your electric water heater to gas or relocating an existing water heater unit? 

Belsito Plumbing can give you the advice you need to make the decision that’s right for you and your home. We also provide you with equipment from the country’s top manufacturers like Bradford White, A.O.Smith, and Rinnai. As always, you’ll get Belsito Plumbing’s top-notch service and plumbing expertise along with it!

Top Rated Plumbers

When you hire Belsito Plumbing for your residential or commercial plumbing needs, you can expect customized, First Class Service that goes above and beyond what you might have learned to expect from other plumbing companies in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Telltale Signs You Need Water Heater Repair Services

Many homeowners don’t give their water heaters a second thought until it malfunctions and they are stuck with cold water. A lack of proper maintenance often causes water heater problems.

If you want to ensure your heater works optimally and lasts for a long time, you need to be aware of telltale signs your water heater needs repair. Below are some of the warning signs you need to look out for:

Water won’t drain through the valve

At one point or another, you will need to hire a water heater repair experts to check on the mineral deposits and sediments that have built up in the drain line. Left unattended, the sediment and mineral deposits will make it impossible for water to drain through the valve.

If not repaired quickly, this can result in damage that might require heater replacement. This also highlights the importance of maintenance if you want to prolong the life of your heater. It is also recommended that the heater is flushed out at least once a year.

Heater makes strange noises

Many appliances start making strange noises when they need to be repaired; your water heater is no exception. If you hear cracking, banging, or popping sounds, you likely have a serious heater problem. Often, this can be attributed to your heater overheating. Fortunately, this is something we can easily help you with.

Water pressure is low

You usually get a steady and nice amount of water pressure when you shower. However, if you notice that the water pressure is low and weak, you will need to have it checked by our experts.

Low water pressure can be attributed to mineral deposits. In other cases, culprits can include a bent or blocked distribution line or improper installation. Whatever the case may be, our experts can fix it for you.

Water is discolored

Water discoloration is one of the most obvious signs you need professional help. Contrary to popular belief, a rusty and brownish tint in your water is not caused by your water supply. Brownish and rusty water is caused by tank water heater corrosion.

If you want to ensure your water supply does not cause the problem, run your cold water tap. If the water is brown and cloudy, it’s a clear sign the issue is caused by your water heater.

Water is not hot

Undeniably, this is one of the most obvious signs your water heater has a problem that needs immediate attention. In addition, the fluctuating temperature is also an indication that you have a water heater problem that needs expert help.

Also, if your water is hot one minute and cold the next or if you can’t predict the temperature you will get when you turn on your shower, it’s time to get in touch with us. In some instances, the problem is caused by mineral deposits that block the heating element.

There is water leakage

Water leakage is not always as obvious as many people think. Sometimes, water leakage starts with small amounts of water trickling down the heater. Often, the leakage remains unnoticeable until substantial damage occurs. If you suspect you have heater leakage, get in touch with us and we will send our experts your way.

Water Heater Repair (Gas & Electric)

We repair all brands of gas and electric water heaters and our water heater repair services include:

Water Heater Repair
  • Pilot Light Troubleshooting
  • Thermocouple Replacement
  • Gas and Electric Thermostat Replacement
  • Electric Heating Element Replacements
  • Temperature / Pressure Valve Replacement
  • Gas Piping Repair
  • Water Piping Repair

In need of expert and affordable water heater repair services?

Look no further if you are looking for professional repair services at a price you can afford. At Belsito Plumbing, we provide first-class, customized solutions that suit your needs and budget. Call us today and set an appointment. We are available 24/7.