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Water Purification Systems in Phoenix, AZ

Water from a filtration system in Phoenix, AZ

Dealing With Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem in many households across the United States. If you’ve ever had to clean soap scum off of shower walls, had water scale clog up your pipes, or your freezer has produced milky, cloudy ice cubes, you have experienced some of the common problems associated with hard water.

What is Hard Water?

Put simply, hard water is water that has a high mineral content. The minerals in the water prevent soap from sudsing properly, leave a white film or residue behind, and can result in damage to water heaters. A water softener is often all that is needed to fix hard water problems.

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How Water Softeners Work


Salt is one of the main components of a water softener and must be resupplied in order for the system to continue working correctly. So just how does a water softener work? In the simplest terms, hard water passes through a filter that contains negatively charged resin (plastic) beads. The resin beads attract and filter out calcium and magnesium minerals from the water – the two main culprits of hard water.

The newly soft water then passes through the filter and into the home. Water softener salt is required for cleaning the water softener system, also known as regeneration. During regeneration, positively charged salt ions force the magnesium and calcium off of the resin beads. The salty regeneration water is then flushed out of the softener and down the drain.

Reverse Osmosis: What It Is and How It Works

Reverse osmosis (RO) is the process of deionizing or demineralizing water. It is done by pushing water under pressure using a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane. Considered as one of the most effective water filtration methods, it helps ensure you will enjoy great-tasting and clean water at all times.

Reverse osmosis works by removing contaminants from unfiltered water and forcing it through a semipermeable membrane. To ensure you have clean drinking water, water will flow from the concentrated side (more contaminants) of the membrane to the less concentrated side (fewer contaminants).

Reverse Osmosis Vs Traditional Filtration

The membrane’s power and presence make reverse osmosis filtration different from conventional filtration techniques. Unlike the traditional ones, the RO system’s membrane allows a more thorough filtration level, where both visible and invisible contaminants are reduced significantly.

Contaminants Removed by RO Filters

The following contaminants are reduced when they pass through the RO filtration process:

  • PFAS (forever chemicals)
  • Sediment (silt, sand, and dirt)
  • Lead
  • Dissolved solids
  • Chemicals
  • Microbial cysts
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

The Benefits of RO System Installation

In the United States, nearly two million Americans don’t have access to safe drinking water. Another 40 percent filter their tap water at home. Both statistics highlight the importance of water filtration systems.

While many towns and cities already have reverse osmosis systems for their municipal water, many homeowners are investing in reverse osmosis water systems for their households as additional filtration.

Below are some of the notable benefits of RO installation:

It filters nearly all contaminants

Compared to other water filtration systems, RO is considered one of the most effective in eliminating contaminants. Amazingly, residential-grade reverse filters can eliminate up to 99 percent of the asbestos and lead. It also helps remove other additional contaminants.

Even more impressive is RO systems have ended water boil advisories in some communities worldwide by treating drinking water safely and effectively. RO’s filter membrane can also eliminate dissolved minerals and substances from water because it strips water down to the most basic molecules when it passes through.

It is safer than bottled water and more environmentally friendly

Compared to bottled water, reverse osmosis is considered a more environmentally friendly and safer alternative. While there is a tendency for RO systems to waste some water, it is still better than water bottles polluting and filling up landfills.

Mineral-less water are ideal for certain uses

Even if you already have clean tap water, you can still benefit from water filtered using RO. Case in point: some chefs have observed that water filtered through RO makes food taste better since it has no minerals like fluoride.

If you have a home aquarium, investing in a reverse osmosis system would be ideal for providing your aquatic pets with clean and pure water devoid of minerals and harmful contaminants.

Energy-efficient option

Surprisingly, reverse osmosis systems don’t use electricity despite their power and efficiency. This is in stark contrast to other options like distillation which requires heat and electricity.

Provides clean and refreshing water on demand

Unlike distillation, reverse osmosis won’t require considerable input from users. This means you won’t have to refill the tank to keep up with your needs. RO is directly connected to your faucet, providing clean, contaminant-free drinking water on demand.

RO can save you money

RO can reduce your living costs substantially. If you are used to using bottled water, you will be surprised by how easy and cost-effective an RO system can be. Savings can range from hundred to thousand of dollars annually, depending on how much water you use and consume.

Water Filtration Company You Can Count On

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